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Successfully manufactured from waste generators

11.9 days, Co. H-T Giang San (VN) has launched a generator from natural incinerator that can burn all types of garbage up to 70% moisture without waste separation at source.

Generators from natural incinerator - Photo: Thien Bao

Products from Vietnam's engineers in collaboration with several US research engineers succeed. According to Company H-T Jiang San, expected an incineration plant with a capacity of 300 tons of waste burned / day cost about $ 10 million, while the lower capacity machines, the cost of "soft" over.

The whole process of waste treatment does not produce smoke. According to the engineers of the company H-T Jiang San, here are the pros Vietnam over the incinerator to generate electricity in the European countries because most of them create toxic vapors and fumes. There's also cheaper than incineration plant in the world for 70%.

Estimated 2-4 kg when burning garbage (depending on type resin ratio more or less) will generate 1 kWh of electricity. Huynh Van Hoa, Chairman of Company H-D Jiang San, said the company has signed a contract assembly plant for incineration power generation Philippines and China.

Particularly in the Philippines, the company will install the upcoming 14 machines for landfill in Manila, the total capacity of 4,000 tons of waste / day. In addition, some countries in Africa and Southeast Asia are also discussing with the company to sign a contract about 15 machine assembly.

Thien Bao