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Collection electromagnetic exercise machines in the park

Collection electricity from exercise machines in the park to serve the power system of public lighting in place and personal devices such as phones, laptops, cameras ... are relatively new idea.

This idea has been Hoa Nguyen Thi Hanh, students HCMC Banking University, introduced in creative contest with the theme "Energy savings for green living" by the Centre for development of science and technology young City to coordinate with the Department of trade and organized city.

According to United, this job is quite simple, generally envisioned collecting electromagnetic facility like this in hydropower plants, but here it is on a smaller scale. News from the pool, we will add a turbine connected through a fiber belts. The turbines will be connected to an electric generator and UPS. When people start, the fitness equipment will make turbines spinning to generate electricity. Electricity generated from the spinning turbine is passed through the transformer and connected to the distribution network and hoarding.

Electricity obtained can be used for lighting the park lighting system. Also, we can design some public stations to roam the park people can charge for your personal devices such as laptops, phones, cameras.

Power system model obtained from the exercise machines at the park - Photo Graphics: Characters provide

According to calculations by United, a file system full equipment located in the park if you are connected to the power storage system can obtain sufficient amount of electricity used for 88 consecutive laptop 7 hours a day, lit 150 bulbs (20W) continuously for 4 hours a day. Meanwhile, today in most of the parks are state institutions or installing a lot of fitness equipment and if leverage, we can gain great power from the power fluctuations Electrical Power.

Also with the principle of volatility into electrical energy, this idea was also suggested deploying US at the gym, fitness.

Evaluation of this idea, Prof. Dr. Vu Thi Hanh Thu, College of Natural Sciences HCM City, said: "This is a very good idea. If combined with the business to deploy the bulk, scale will be effective feasible ".

Le Thanh